Now That’s Italian!

Now That’s Italian!

Although we can’t travel to Italy now, we thought we’d take you on a romantic journey through the Italian country side. In the Italian spirit, we invite you come together, create great food and spend time with family and friends. For the lovely backyard setting, we placed a long table topped with burlap linen, wooden chairs, gold and white chargers, and a stunning centerpiece display crystals bowls, lemons, yellow orchids and stephanotis flowers. The seating cards were made of a vintage Italian demijohn jug with names written on the lemons and a white candle. 

All the décor was curated by Kirksey Gregg Productions. 

Recipes by Tom Flynn and Deborah Elias 

Décor by Kirksey Gregg

Photos by Charlie Horse Photos

Dinner with H Texas,Kirksey Gregg, Shay Calhoun, Deborah Elias of Elias Events, Steve and Lorie Speich