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Lighting Expert - Leigh Ballinger

Why is event lighting so important?

By Carolina Hernandez 
Photography by Grace Rose Photography 
What provides depth and ambiance to your wedding day? 
What helps set the mood? What helps guests focus on the special elements that make your event great? 
The answer to all of the above is: Lighting.
The right kind of lighting will illuminate the most important details of your big day. You spent hours on every detail and they should be shown in their best light. Industry website, explains lighting as follows: “We like to think of lighting as the jewelry of a space-just as a certain mix of accessories can an outfit, the right lighting will make your reception unforgettable.”
Leigh Ballinger from Houston based LitePro says, “The key is to make your event stand out, not the lighting company’s gear.” The gear should be hidden from site, allowing your décor elements to take center stage. When considering lighting, he says the party should “glow, not explode.” 
The right setup is paramount to success. Focus your guests’ attention on what matters most. Whether it’s the dance floor, the expensive ice sculpture, the floral backdrop, the head table, or the beautiful centerpieces; show them in a proper light. Lighting is important during your vows as you want the focused light on both of you during this intimate moment. It’s equally important for a first dance. Light essentially guides your guests’ attention putting the focus where you want it. 
Optimistically, lighting is a quick fix that can change the atmosphere in the room with just a simple change in illumination, focus, and mood. However, it takes someone with a keen eye that knows the psychology and emotional connection it has along with what the couple’s goal for their wedding day.
Leigh and his team provide the lighting at the Visit the Venues Mock Wedding held at Morgan Falls Event Venue
Wedding lighting expert: Leigh Ballinger, LitePro 


Grace Rose Photography
Grace Rose Photography
Grace Rose Photography
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