Amy & Ryan Showtime Romance

December 22, 2014

Photographer: Flora Padilla

Amy and Ryan are entertainment performers who are always on the run travelling to many different cities and destinations around the world. The couple met in Las Vegas at a show they both were performing in and were inseparable since than. While doing a show in Kinder, Louisiana for Coushatta Casino, Amy and Ryan felt it was time they commit their decade long relationship by tying the knot.  

They decided to keep their wedding casual and simple and are very happy with their decision. They chose to focus on their love for each other instead of worrying about distractions of a fancy wedding.

Due to the number of documentation needed to have a wedding in Louisiana, the couple decided to come over to Beaumont, TX for their courthouse wedding. Ryan flew his son in to the city for their big day.

After the ceremony, the couple celebrated by a dinner with Ryan’s son at a lovely restaurant in Beaumont. Due to busy work schedules, the honeymoon was postponed but later enjoyed at the Riviera Maya resort in Mexico.


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