Elfega & Ruderis Destined for Love


Photographer:Khronos photography & video

Elfega Andrade, a school clerk and Ruderis Ventura, an electrician, met at church, became friends, and later started dating. The two wed at the Big Sky Barn in Montgomery, Texas. It was rustic and modern.

Ventura’s Bridal

The couple laughs looking back at how quickly they transitioned from wedding to mini-honeymoon, because of COVID-19 and everything shutting down their 7-day honeymoon was squeezed into 3 days.  God brought these two together and their love remains strong despite this year’s challenges.

“In the end I can say that the love that God put in us had prevailed, with the conviction that our history had already been written by someone higher than us (God). That day, November 24, my wife told me YES and that she would marry me!”

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