Marissa & Rocky Meant to Be

December 29, 2018

Photographer: Stephanie Brown By George Street Photo & Video

Rocky and I met in 2003 in Allen, TX when we were in middle school. We were both playing basketball with our friends when he challenged us to play against him. Despite how bad I beat him in basketball, I knew in that moment that he was going to be my husband one day! We continued to be friends in middle school and dated through high school. Although, we parted ways for college in 2009, we both felt as though we were each other’s soulmate and would eventually find each other again. In 2013 after we graduated college, Rocky asked me on a first and last date, for the last time.

On August 5, 2017, Rocky and I were on vacation with our family in Estes Park, CO. That afternoon, Rocky took me on a hike in the mountains while our family stayed at the campsite. I noticed he was acting different, and would not let me hold the backpack we took with us. We hiked to a waterfall and climbed down from a rock to get closer to the view. As we were both admiring the breathtaking scenery, he opened his backpack and pulled out a ring. I was astounded and I immediately asked him, “What are you doing?” before realizing what a special and life changing moment this was.

My wedding dress was the first dress I tried on! I knew instantly this was the gown I always dreamed of wearing. Dress from Bailey’s Bridal, Frisco, TX  by Rebecca Ingram Bridal Gown.

Rocky completely surprised me by planning our honeymoon! He took me on a cruise through the Caribbean where we visited, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Thomas USVI, and the Bahamas. Our luxurious rejuvenating trip was full of only bliss. We relaxed near the blue glistening beaches, ate delicious food that had an explosion of unique tastes and enjoyed the history and tastings of the alcoholic beverages they created. This will always be the most memorable trip of our lives!