“Enjoy the day and take it all in because it’s going to go by so quickly! I also highly recommend getting a day of coordinator. Everything that you could have and should have planned for your wedding day won’t matter anymore the day of. It’s important for you and your groom to enjoy the day … Continue reading Ashley


Hire a coordinator! At least for the day of. It was the best thing we did, because friends and family could just relax. Mothers often want to help decorate and make sure everything runs smoothly, but they should get to enjoy this special day with you. Continue reading Macie


The Bride to Bride Facebook Group was a key part of my wedding planning because as a visual person AND an over-thinker, it helped reassure me about certain decisions and also inspire ideas. Also, don’t forget to cherish each moment of your big day, even the craziness, it flies by before you know it! Continue reading Christina


Remain mindful of all the sacrifices your family and friends are making to help make your day so special. Several of my bridesmaids were traveling from out of state. To accommodate each bridesmaid’s budget and the style of dress they would be most comfortable wearing, I asked each bridesmaid to choose their own “true red” … Continue reading Marissa

David & Sean Advice

“The day will fly by so fast, so think about what you will have after the day is over-your photos. Think about how things will photograph including décor, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen selections, lighting etc.… all of these layers, if done correctly, by someone you trust, will ensure your beautiful memories will last a lifetime.” Continue reading David & Sean Advice


Trust your vendors. With my lack of time, if I wouldn´t have done this, I would have driven myself crazy. They are professionals, they have experience, and you are paying them. Be accurate about what you want and try not to leave room for doubt. This will give you some space to relax and enjoy … Continue reading Victoria


Enjoy the process and don’t get caught up in the details. The most important person while planning my wedding (aside from my husband) was my wedding planner. She made sure that my vision came to life and that we enjoyed our fay without worrying about what was going on behind the scenes. If you can’t … Continue reading Sarah


Make sure that you stay organized and on top of things so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember that it’s important to make decisions and plan together. It’s not all about what you want and it’s not all about what he wants for the big day either. Weddings are a great time to practice compromise. … Continue reading Mallory


The Band MAKES the party, make sure to find a band or DJ that fits your personality and can keep the party going ALL NIGHT! Also, don’t be afraid to be very specific with your song selections—bands will often learn new songs at a bride’s request. Continue reading Stacy