Christina & Emanuel

Christina & Emanuel Empire State Romance September 7, 2019 Photographer: Giverny Photo + Film Christina, a nursing student and Emanuel, a family-owned business manager met through an online dating app and spent their first date at Tacos-A-Go-Go. They clicked instantly and from that day on they were attached at the hip. After searching far and low for the perfect wedding venue, they found Magnolia Bells … Continue reading Christina & Emanuel

Elfega & Ruderis

Elfega & Ruderis Destined for Love 03-12-20 Photographer:Khronos photography & video Elfega Andrade, a school clerk and Ruderis Ventura, an electrician, met at church, became friends, and later started dating. The two wed at the Big Sky Barn in Montgomery, Texas. It was rustic and modern. Ventura’s Bridal The couple laughs looking back at how quickly they transitioned from wedding to mini-honeymoon, because of COVID-19 … Continue reading Elfega & Ruderis

David & Sean

David & Sean – Creative Creation February 22, 2020 Photographer: Kirk Surber Photography Proposal story: “We were talking about all of the beautiful weddings we have done and about how many dreams we have made come true (as co-owners of Rexberry Luxury Weddings and Events) and Sean said,  “David, why don’t we do for ourselves what we do for other couples?’” “We wanted a beautiful, … Continue reading David & Sean

Victoria & Robert

Victoria & Robert- International Connection November 23, 2013 Photographer: Chris W. Victoria, a business administrator, met Rob, an Oil and Gas manager, through work. They were working on the same project for the same company but in different locations. She was in Argentina and Rob was in America. Destiny brought them together when she came to Houston for training. They fell madly in love. During … Continue reading Victoria & Robert

Meera & David

Meera & David October 4, 2014 Photographer: Joe West Meera and David met at Dartmouth College at a party during Meera’s freshman year and David’s sophomore year. They immediately felt a connection therefore, began dating few months later. After they moved to New York, David planned a scavenger hunt in the West Village of NYC that led Meera to her favorite restaurants and ended at … Continue reading Meera & David